Developer Update #2: Demonstration Man (and How To Fly)

Posted on September 28, 2023 by DrPyspy

Welcome to the notably punctual second entry in the Developer Update series! Not only will we be discussing development and gameplay-related matters, but also, we will be discussing the (projected) DEMO RELEASE DATE! NOW... Let's take a look with your eyes!

AUTHOR'S NOSE: Art assets, map artpasses, and any other forms of visuals are subject to change! Tomb Fetus is still in active development!

Let's open up with some important information about the upcoming DEMO! That's right! A lot of work has been going towards on a trimmed down demo release. This demo will include most of the weapons in the game, allowing you to play with the full range of Tomb Fetus' wacky arsenal. However, the selection of playable characters and maps will be trimmed down for the demo release, leaving the ones that remain to be developed and polished with the love and care that they (and YOU!!!) deserve.

The current roster of demo characters!

In this demo, you can expect to see the current confirmed characters:

  • Burglar - Voiced by Jonathan Biondi
  • Kate - Voiced by Gina Leigh Smith
  • Pizza - Voiced by Jonathan Biondi
  • Calibus - Voiced by Carlos Sanchez
  • Kuckles - Voiced by Carlos Sanchez
  • Deibu Haburei - Voiced by Jonathan Biondi
  • Dildy Dong - Voiced by Jonathan Biondi

Each character is fully voiced with their own unique sets of voicelines, including taunts, pain grunts, and death yelps. However, the fearsome Doom Sayer does not have a voice talent, instead borrowing from Doom itself and Skulltag/Zandronum's iconic taunt sound. HENH-HEHHHH!

Nightmare blunt rotation.

Now, we can move onto MAP INFORMATION. At this time, I cannot share the list of maps that will appear in the demo. The exact selection of maps is not set-in-stone due to the larger amount of time invested in creating assets and balancing. However, I CAN show some cool shots from the maps that will for sure be in the demo:

The very end of YOU! Or your opponent, if you're lucky.

From the depths of outer space and beyond comes THE FINAL YARD! Based on the map The Longest Yard from Quake III Arena, this map has been adapted by MacD11 (the mapper behind Open Fortress' Wiseau and Dock) and is currently being artpassed by yours truly. The Longest Yard has been dipped in 64 smashing sauces and masterfully molded (by hand) into a map that fits the Tomb Fetus flow.

If cross-dimensional travel makes you nauseous, pack a barf bag just in case.

Special care has been taken to make the jumppads in Tomb Fetus consistent, so if you've ever been in an adaptation of Longest Yard where the jumppads have left you screaming into the abyss for god's forgiveness... WORRY NOT! These jumppads will do their job 98% of the time! However, if you get knocked off course by a block rocket or a particularly nasty bullet, there's still a good chance you can steer yourself to a safe landing zone.

Now, let's see our second map for the day...

I've always wanted to see the sea!

It's PARLEY!!! Parley throws you into a moonlit shipping dock, devoid of the usual activity of a shipping dock... aside from the explosions, the lasers, and your usual Tomblet activities. The map is a smaller, somewhat-circular map that lends to a lot of high-octane action. The exterior areas contain all kinds of risky goodies, including the Blocket Launcher and the Gavling Gun. However, those seeking the ever-devastating QUAD DAMAGE will want to head into the main building, containing two stories of tungsten-lit storage rooms and receiving areas.

The healer stalks...

These maps are still a work-in-progress on the art side of things, but I'm already pleased with how they're coming along. Now, onto our final topic:

Reticulating splines...

Initially announced by our beloved affiliate BLUE VERTIGO, Tomb Fetus is set to release a demo LATER THIS YEAR! A proper host for the game files and getting launch day servers ready are being worked on, but I don't have anything concrete to say on that front yet. Development of the actual game is going smoothly, but it's definitely a lot of work. Who knew! I will hold my tongue in regards to an exact release date, but I'm set on getting it out before the year closes.

I hope you found this dev update exciting! I'll see you in the next one. Maybe I'll show off some weapons! IDK! WOW!