Tomb Fetus has a variety of gamemodes for players to experience! Below is a list of every gamemode so far. Take a look!



The core gamemode of Tomb Fetus. Standard deathmatch rules apply here; demolish your enemies using weapons and powerups laying around the map, keep stocked on health and ammo, and be the first to reach the designated fraglimit!

Recommended Players: 2 minimum

Last Man Leggy

Deathmatch with a twist; players spawn into the map with limited lives. When a player dies, a life is taken away from them. Once they run out of all their lives, they receive a placement and are disqualified. The last player standing at the end of it all is the victor!

Recommended Players: 2 minimum


Players fight over possession of a sacred artifact that spawns in the center of the map. When a player picks it up, the others are alerted to their location by an indicator on the screen, putting a massive target on their head. If a player manages to hold it for a designated amount of time, they win!

Recommended Players: 3 minimum


Team Die

Same rules as Deathmatch, except with teams! Instead of every player trying to reach the fraglimit on their own, each team shares their own fragcount. If you frag someone from the opposite team, you get a point awarded to your team (don't try to frag your own teammates; it won't work.) The first team to hit the fraglimit is the winning team.

Recommended Players: 4 minimum

Capture the Fetus

Two teams spawn in their designated team's base, each base holding a flag that they must protect. While doing so, they must also infiltrate the enemy team's base to yank their flag out and bring it to their capture zone. Watch out for people who are crafty with their movement, or they just might slip under your nose! The first team to reach the caplimit will be victorious!

Recommended Players: 6 minimum

Bomb Delivery

A bomb spawns in between the two teams' bases. The teams must grab it up and take it deep into the enemy base. If it is dropped, there is a short grace period where the enemy team is unable to snatch it up. Once this period is over, the bomb becomes available to both teams again. The first team to reach the caplimit will not explode!

Recommended Players: 6 minimum